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MPG-50 Memory Expansion Board

MPG-50 Memory Expansion Board

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Out of stock.  More cards coming in late July.  Any orders placed will ship when the cards come in.  Sorry for the inconvenience!


Plug and play memory card for all MPG-50 mkI and mkII units.  This will add the following:

  • Ability to store patches directly on controller.  Stock MPG-50 mk2 units ship with 32k of memory on-board.  This can be expanded to 160k by choosing the 128k memory expander option.  Stock mk2 units can store 4 banks of patches + 20 ASSIGN + 20 SETUP + 20 CC Maps.  Expanded mk2 units can store 12 banks of 64 patches,  2 banks of 64 ASSIGN, 2 banks of 64 SETUP, and 1 bank of 64 CC Maps.  

Users must update to 3.x firmware for memory cards to work on a mk1.  


No soldering required unless you have a very early MPG-50 unit from late 2018.  Plug and play.