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MPG-50 Memory Expansion Board

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Plug and play memory card for all MPG-50 mkI and mkII units.  This will add the following:

  • Ability to store patches directly on controller.  Stock MPG-50 mk2 units ship with 32k of memory on-board.  This can be expanded to 160k by choosing the 128k memory expander option.  Stock mk2 units can store 4 banks of patches + 20 ASSIGN + 20 SETUP + 20 CC Maps.  Expanded mk2 units can store 12 banks of 64 patches,  2 banks of 64 ASSIGN, 2 banks of 64 SETUP, and 1 bank of 64 CC Maps.  

Users must update to 3.x firmware for memory cards to work on a mk1.  


No soldering required unless you have a very early MPG-50 unit from late 2018.  Plug and play.