MPG-8X Super Jupiter Programmer (Pre-order)

MPG-8X Super Jupiter Programmer (Pre-order)

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November 14th, 2020 - 3 units left until January 2021


This listing is a pre-order sale for our upcoming Retroaktiv MPG-8X controller for MKS-80 synthesizers.  This unit is not a clone of an MPG-80 programmer, it offers a completely new, elevated user experience and allows users to edit, store, layer, and animate the sounds of their MKS-80.  

The MPG-8X features all of the same capability of the MPG-80, but offers much more than the original did.  Features of the MPG-8X are:


  • Heavy-duty 5U powder coated enclosure, available in desktop format (17.25" x 8.75" x 1.75") and available with optional 5U powder coated rack ears.  Rear panel where midi jacks and power are located is a recessed compartment, allowing for convenient access to cables when racking the unit.
  • Chord mode
  • Durable multi-color buttons like the classic Jupiter series
  • Large white OLED display with capability of displaying envelope shapes, text, other graphics.

  • Assignable modulation matrix - control any MKS-80 parameters in any combination, through any range you want using the 3 hardware assigns and 3 "soft assigns".  Hardware assigns include CONTROL A and CONTROL B sliders, as well as an external expression pedal input.  Soft assigns can be controlled with any CC (0-127), aftertouch, or mod wheel.  Do things like make the filter sweep up on the UPPER layer while filter sweeps down on LOWER layer.  Make this happen with the CONTROL A & B, footpedal, or any CC/aftertouch.  Each assign can control 5 separate parameters, where user sets the active layer (UPPER/LOWER), range (0-100), direction (Inverted or non-inverted) and unit (MKS-80 #1 or MKS-80 #2)
  •  Can control 2 MKS-80 units simultaneously and independently. Keeps track of 4 tone parameter arrays at once, so when you switch layers, the correct graphics and LEDs are displayed on the panel.

  • Midi data filter - Two separate types of filtering:  Filter by message type - Filter Program change, notes, CCs, sysex, real time, aftertouch, pitch bend messages.  Intelligent filters - filter specific data in a specific way.  Do things like filter out a specific message type over a specific range on a specific channel.  One can filter out notes on a certain channel, filter out notes with velocities in a certain range, filter out specific CCs, filter out specific CCs within a certain range on a specific channel.  Set up your controller exactly as you need to for your application.
  • MIDI Mapping - Map data on a specific channel to another channel.  Map an event type to another event type.  Do things like map CC#2 on channel 1 to aftertouch on channel 2.  
  • PEEK mode - Move any slider with SHIFT button held to see its value.  LED switches provide instant feedback when switching layers, so user always know which modulation sources, key assign modes, and layers are selected.  
  •  Intelligent Patch Generator - multiple categories of patches can be created, including bass, pads, struck/plucked string (harpsichord, clavinet, harp, ac. guitar), piano/clavichord, organ, brass, hard sync, string, and more.  (These are musical adjectives, conveying characteristics, not cheesy imitations of said sounds.  Each category is very "synthy")   Each section of the synth can be masked, so the randomizations won't affect masked sections.

  •  scratch patch generator gives users generic patch starting points for quickly normalizing a new sound.  Choose from basic dual saw, env sync, and LFO PWM patches. 


    Ability to translate and transmit CCs. Translates CC into sysex for easily recording parameter movements with a DAW. Multiple modes of cc translation/transmission.

  • Built in memory - Allows users to save patches in a single button press. 30 banks of patches can be stored on the unit.

    10 banks of setups can be stored on the unit. A setup consists of the PATCH on the MAIN and AUX layer, (A patch consists of 2 tones and a bunch of patch parameters that both tones share), plus all of the ASSIGNs and other settings. Basically, it's a complete snapshot of everything. Very useful.

    200 ASSIGNs can be stored on the unit.

    Each bank, patch, assign, setup can be names (up to 16 characters).

  •  MIDI program selection of objects

  • MIDI bootloader, allowing for easy software updates that add new features
  • Ability to back up entire memory on MPG-8X in a single sysex file (Contains all saves objects and settings on MPG-8X)
  • DC wall adapter included