DSS-P Programmer for KORG DSS-1 Sampling Synthesizer (Pre-order)

DSS-P Programmer for KORG DSS-1 Sampling Synthesizer (Pre-order)

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April 10, 2021 -pre order reservations are sold out.  Once the product is released and shipping, we will allow more orders to be placed.   We are still working on the software for the DSS-P.  When that is finished, pre-orders will ship and we will begin taking orders again.  


Pictured in the listing is a prototype unit.  Note: the prototype has some silkscreening issues with alignment and scaling.  The pictured unit is just a prototype.  These issues will be fixed on the production units.  



  • DSS-P will feature 64 30mm sliders, corresponding to the program parameters on the DSS-1.  
  • Large OLED display
  • Patch generator feature that will intelligently generate musically useful pads, polysynths, basses, bells, clavichord, string sounds and more.  Patch generator will allow users to "mask" any sections of the synthesizer, so the masked sections will not be changed when a new patch is generated.
  • On-board multisound banks will feature custom Retroaktiv samples of classic synthesizer waveforms from Minimoog, ARP Odyssey, ARP Omni, Rhodes Chroma and more.  
  • Ability to download full lists of program parameters, multisounds, and PCM data and display all information on the screen.
  • Operating system of the DSS-P can be updated using a MIDI SYSEX file, allowing for continuous feature updates and future OS developments.  
  • Data entry can be done using the encoder/cursor buttons.  
  • CC to sysex translation of program parameters
  • Sleek powder-coated metal enclosure measures 8.75" (5U) x 17" x 3".  Optional rack ears can be purchased when units are shipping.
  • On-board storage banks for storing samples and sounds. 


IMPORTANT NOTES:  The DSS-1 does not allow for smooth parameter changes when edited by sysex.  This means that when most parameters are changed, there may be audible hiccups as the DSS-1's output buffer is altered.  This is due to the design of the DSS-1 and is not being caused by the DSS-P.  Many parameter changes will not be heard until a new note is keyed on the DSS-1


Shipping is not included in the pre-order price.  This is because we do not know what shipping prices will be in 6 months, as they are always fluctuating.   Your shipping invoice will be provided when units are ready to ship.  Please also be aware that the June shipping date is an estimate.  Units may ship a bit before or a bit after this date, depending on production issues and timelines.  We work with other manufacturers that build our boards and our enclosures.  They often have production delays, just like we do.  If you pre-order, please do not harass us about the arrival date.  We always work to get the products released as fast as possible.  All of our controllers that we offer were fundraised and produced in the exact same manner as this one.  We raise the funds for production with the pre-orders, and in exchange for funding the production, we offer pre-order customers a discount.  As always, we appreciate your patronage and support for this and our other synthesizer products.  None of this would be possible without that.  


To see some progress updates and pics, please join the Retroaktiv DSSP-1 User's Group on Facebook.