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PG-2K Programmer for Kiwi-3P, Kiwi-30, Kiwi-3P Matrix, Stock JX-3P and MKS-30

PG-2K Programmer for Kiwi-3P, Kiwi-30, Kiwi-3P Matrix, Stock JX-3P and MKS-30

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User Manual Last updated June 28, 2022

Firmware Version 1.6 (June 9, 2024)

Firmware Release Notes

PG-2K Factory Preset Bank by Espen Kraft

PG-2K Kiwi-3P Second Function Chart

Kiwi-30 & Kiwi 3P Matrix Second Function Chart

The PG-2K is the ultimate controller for JX-3P, MKS-30,  Kiwi-3P, Kiwi-30, and Kiwi-3P Matrix synthesizers.   Beneath a straight-forward looking control surface, lies a ton of functionality, that will make a 3P/MKS feel like a new synth with modern features.   It's more than just a bunch of knobs on a box, it's like a new OS for the synth.  You'll hardly need to touch the control panel of the synth with the PG-2K.

The unit measures 10"x7.6" x 2" and fits perfectly atop the  space created for the PG-200 on the JX3P.  PG-2K is powered by the synth, through the PG-200 port.  We offer optional wall adapters here The enclosure is a high quality powder-coated metal enclosure with 3-color silkscreen.  The rear of the unit includes a 6P DIN (For PG-200 support) , MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, plus an expression pedal jack.  This compact design packs a lot of power into an attractive module,with a control surface perfectly suited to control all stock and Kiwi-modified units without the need for menu diving.  PG-2K supports hundreds of parameters across 6 different synths, and seamlessly integrates all of these synths into one simple control surface. 

Onboard sound storage lets users store their sounds directly onto the controller.    We've created a "universal patch format" on PG-2K, which allows users to store, import, and export sounds in any format.  The PG-2K patch format works across all supported models.  If storing PG-200 based sounds for a stock JX/MKS, the sounds can then be exported as sysex, eliminating the need for tape backup.   All objects stored on PG-2K can be recalled using program change messages.  Any PG-2K object can be backed up with sysex, including the full image of the PG-2K's internal memory.

PG-2K can transmit MIDI CC, MIDI sysex,  or PG-200 messages to program the synth. The controller supports all parameters on stock units,  Kiwi-3P, Kiwi-30, and Kiwi-3P Matrix, including arpeggiator, sequencer, mod matrix, pattern, etc.  

CC to PG-200 translation mode lets users record and playback slider movements and button presses when using stock MKS-30 or JX-3P units.  

On-board sequencer editor features piano roll style step sequence editor for fast creation of sequences on Kiwi-modded synths. 

PEEK Mode lets users look at the settings for a current sound without the settings being altered.  This is a great way to see how a preset was programmed.  

User CC Maps  can be created and stored, allowing PG-2K to control any devices that respond to CCs.

INIT Patches set up a blank canvas for creating a new sound at the touch of a button.  No more "zeroing" out all of the prameters when starting to make a sound.   

Control any 2 supported synthesizers independently or together, allowing users to store layered synths as a SETUP.  PG-2K also allows users to daisy chain 2 supported 6-voice synths, and then play them as a single 12-voice synth.  (Multi-Unit Poly Mode)  2 synths can be either layered (STACK MODE) or played as a single 12-voice synth.  2 synths layered in STACK MODE can be saved as a SETUP.

MIDI Filtering function allows users to filter out unwanted MIDI data.   Filter data by note range, channel number, data type (CC, note, sysex, real time, aftertouch, pitch, program change etc). 

Chord mode allows multiple notes to be played with a single key press. 

Smoothing algorithm eliminates stepping when editing parameters in real time.

Simplified controls for Kiwi-synths.  PG-2K greatly simplifies the KIWI envelope mod amounts, by combining envelope polarity and amount on a single slider.  We've added the ability to "zero" any mod source by simply pressing the mod source button until no source is selected, which behaves in a similar fashion to the mod source select switches on the original PG-200.  We've implemented lots of subtle user interface tweaks like this to make editing the synth feel as intuitive and natural as possible.

Patch generator featuring multiple categories (Bass, Polysynth, Pads, FX, Piano/Clav, Strings, Bells, Brass), as well as a  selection of "INIT TONES"  for generating a starter tone when creating a new sound.  (INIT tone can also be generated from front panel at any time)  User can mask each section of the synth when generating patches, IE: If, for example, you have a specific envelope setting that you like and do not want to change, you can mask the envelope settings you don't want randomized.  Then when you generate a new sound, everything but the masked parameters will get changed.  PG-2K has two patch generators; one for stock units, and one for Kiwi-modded units.  Both produce great sounds.  If you like a sound that the PATCHGEN creates, use the variation function to create a variation on that sound (By pressing SHIFT+ENTER).  Here's some video footage of the patch generator in action.


Manual mode transmits all slider positions.  

MIDI modulation matrix.  Each ASSIGN can control 5 separate parameters, with each parameter having its own control range and direction (inverted, non-inverted).  There is an ASSIGN A, which is controlled by the CTRL A slider, an expression pedal ASSIGN, plus 3 "soft assigns" which can be controlled by any CC, mod wheel, pitch wheel, or aftertouch.  Do something like use your mod wheel or aftertouch to sweep the cutoff up, while moving the resonance down and increasing the LFO speed, all with one movement.  User can set the ranges of each parameter so they can control things exactly the way they want.  These assigns can be sequenced and played back, allowing them to double as automation lanes for multiple controllers.  

Graphic display of envelopes, with visual feedback showing mod sources for each section.

Sequencer and pattern editor

FREEZE mode.  When FREEZE button is pressed, controller stops sending parameter data temoprarily.  While FREEZE is on, the user can edit as many parameters as they wish without the edits affecting the synth.  When FREEZE if pressed again, all moved parameters will instantly transmit.  

SHIFT button allows users to access 2nd parameter functions (See charts at top of listing.

Sound banks can be imported/exported directly from the synth, or from a PC.  PG-2K can import and export banks in Retroaktiv, Kiwi-3P, Kiwi-30, Kiwi-3P Matrix formats.  Retroaktiv format banks can be imported or exported via PC.  PG-2K can export PG-200 banks as sysex.  Once exported as sysex, PG-2K can import this bank, and recall those sounds on any stock JX/MKS unit.  

MIDI bootloader allows users to update their controller using a midi file provided by us.   This allows us to add features as time goes on.  If Kiwitechnics adds some new features to their firmware, we can then add support for those features on the PG-2K, allowing users to update their firmware with a simple sysex file.  

All units will ship with DIN cables.  

PG-2K has more features than we can talk about in the product description, so be sure to check out the user manual for more info about product features.  

PG-2K can ship with an optional 6U rack bracket, which allows the unit to be mounted in a rack, and still have space for the needed cabling.   

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