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DW-8P Programmer for Korg EX-8000, DW-6000 & DW-8000 Synthesizer

DW-8P Programmer for Korg EX-8000, DW-6000 & DW-8000 Synthesizer

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2.31 Firmware (January 12, 2022)  Now automatically turns OMNI to OFF on bootup.  

User's Manual 2.0

Tired of menu-diving on your Korg DW-8000 synth?  DW-8P offers hands-on access to every parameter on your DW-8000, DW-6000, or EX-8000 synth.  More than just a controller, this device packs a lot of functionality under the hood, bringing the classic DW series up to modern day MIDI standards.  Here's what DW-8P offers:

Hands-on access to every DW parameter.  We've also added some ease-of-use touches to our user interface.  The envelope amount slider is bipolar, eliminating the need for toggling polarity.  The auto-bend features have been integrated into an easy to use RAMP GENERATOR.  Digital Delay Time and Delay Factor have been seamlessly integrated into a signle control.  All of this creates a user experience that makes creating sounds a joy.

CC control of all DW/EX parameters allows full automation when integrated with DAW

Independent control over any two DW/EX synths, with ability to store the state of each synth as a PATCH, or save the state of both synths as a SETUP.  

Poly-chain mode allows 2 DW synths to be daisy chained and treated as a single 16-voice synth.  (This will work on any two synths.  They don't need to be DWs)

On-board storage of patches, setups, effect presets, and mod-matrix assigns allows you to store all of your work on the controller, and easily import banks, export banks, and backup all data.  

Patch generator that generates musically useful patches, not just random chaos (Though it has a category for generating random chaos if that's your thing).  Select from bells, pianos, pads, polysynths, brass, strings, effects, and more.  This patch generator is like having a bottomless supply of great sounds.  

INIT patch function creates a basic starter patch at the push of a button

Fully assignable mod-matrix allows any DW/EX parameters to be controlled in any way.  Easily do something like make the mod wheel sweep the filter up, while controlling attack and release times simultaneously.  Create gorgeous animated textures using mod wheel, foot pedals, or the front panel Assign sliders.  

Oled displays current settings, envelope shapes, and menus. 

Velocity controlled ramp generator feature allows you to use key velocity to control the auto-bend depth and time.  Only want autobend to happen when you hit the key hard?  No problem.  Dial in exactly ther response that you need.

Effects settings can be stored as effects presets, so you can quickly recall any effect you need.

Midi filter can filter CCs, notes, aftertouch and clock messages

User CC Map mode allows users to create CC maps that can be used to control other gear with DW-8P.

Chord Mode- The MAIN and AUX layers each support chord mode.  Chords can be up to 8 notes each, and a separate chord can be used on the MAIN and AUX synth.  

If controlling two DW or EX synths with the DW8P, VOLUME slider can act as a CROSSFADE between the to units.  This allows some beautiful animation and layering of your synths.  

Memory Card Expansion - Optional MXB-1 memory expansion card adds 40 banks of sound storage.  Sounds can be dumped in from the synth or from a librarian.  MXB card also allows users to store setups, assigns, and FX.  (A setup consists of a MAIN tone, AUX tone, and 3 assigns)

The unit is a 3U 19" rackmountable controller measuring 19" x 5.25" from the front, and sits at a forward tilt if set on the keyboard or a tabletop and used as a desktop controller.  The rear panel features a recessed compartment allowing for easy cable connection when rack mounted.  Unit is powered by a 9VDC wall wart style adapter.  DW-8P weighs about 8 pounds and is housed in a heavy-duty metal chassis with screw-in rubber feet for no-slip tabletop use.






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