MPG-50 Memory Expansion Board Pre-order

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March 13, 2021 - Cards will be activated when we release the new firmware (3.0) for MPG-50 in early April 2021.  We apologize for the long wait on this.  In March 2020, when we began working on the memory card support, we realized that there were other things that we would like to add as well.  This resulted in us writing a whole new operating system from the ground up, which ended up taking 11 months.   We are now almost finished with it.   Thanks for your patience.  

On-board storage of 40 banks of 64 sounds
Storage of 100 ASSIGNs
Storage of 100 FX PRESETs
Storage of 100 SETUPs (A setup consists of a MAIN program, AUX program, and all 3 ASSIGNs. )
Ability to dump/receive individual banks.
Ability to do a full sysex dump .
Ability to scroll through and audition all sounds in the memory bank.
No soldering required unless you have a very early MPG-50 unit from late 2018.  Plug and play.