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MPG-50 mkII Programmer for Roland Alpha Juno 1 & 2 and MKS-50

MPG-50 mkII Programmer for Roland Alpha Juno 1 & 2 and MKS-50

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 Latest firmware versions:

 MPG-50 mkI & mkII 3.06-3.07 Firmware Update (March 10th, 2022)  This zip file contains the latest vesrion for mkI units and mkII units.  MkI users should select the detent/non-detent based on which type of encoder their unit has.  If encoder clicks when turned, use 'detent'.  If not, use 'non-detent' version.

Espen Kraft Preset Bank 1 (In Retroaktiv format. )

Espen Kraft Preset Bank 2  (In Retroaktiv format)

User's Manual V1.35+ (Latest edition for mk1 perating systems below 3.x) 

 User's Manual V3.0 for MK1 and MK2 Units running OS 3.x

Setting Up Retroaktiv Controllers In Your Rig


Retroaktiv MPG-50 mkII  is a fully featured MIDI programmer for the popular Roland Alpha Juno 1 and 2, and the MKS-50 rackmount synthesizer.  The MPG-50 is a compact 370mm (14.5") x 149mm (6") x 40mm (1.5").   It features 37 sliders and knobs which control all of the features included on the original PG-300 plus more.   The unit is housed in a high-quality rugged powder-coated metal enclosure.  

MPG-50 mk2 is more than just a controller.  Here's what else it can do:

  • Translates CC to Juno sysex, and transmits CC and SYSEX in any combination.  Full CC automation of all parameters.
  • Poly-chain mode turns 2 Alpha Juno/MKS into a DUAL layered stack (Like a 2-tone synths such as MKS70 or MKS80) that can be stored on the MPG-50 as a SETUP, allowing for lush, layered sounds at the push of a button.
  • On-board patch storage.  Stock MPG-50 mk2 units ship with 32k of memory on-board.  This can be expanded to 160k by choosing the 128k memory expander option.  Stock mk2 units can store 4 banks of patches + 20 ASSIGN + 20 SETUP + 20 CC Maps.  Expanded mk2 units can store 12 banks of 64 patches,  2 banks of 64 ASSIGN, 2 banks of 64 SETUP, and 1 bank of 64 CC Maps.  
  • Daisy chain 2 AJ/MKS-50 to create a 12-voice "Super Juno".  Store "Super Juno" sounds as a single SETUP.  
  • 3rd MIDI IN/OUT port allows users to configure MIDI connections to suit their needs.  This port can be a MIDI IN or an OUT.  
  • Controls 2 Alpha Juno/MKS-50 from one unit
  • Intelligent patch generator creates pads, drums, basses, synths, strings, brass, and more with the touch of a button.
  • Operating system is always being updated with new features.  OS updates are done using a simple MIDI file!
  • Access to all patch menu parameters (MKS50) and ability to select programs.
  • Create user CC maps to use MPG-50 as a generic controller.
  • Assignable mod matrix allows users to control multiple parameters with one slider for expressive effects.  Also allows expression pedal, mod wheel, aftertouch, and breath control of any Alpha Juno parameters.
  • Init patch generator and "manual mode"
  • Crossfade between 2 Alpha/Junos
  • MIDI data filtering
  • High quality metal case.  Sliders have dust covers.  Durable rubber feet.
  • Chord Mode
  • Midi data filter.  Individual toggles to filter note, mod wheel, prog change, pitch bend, aftertouch.

See the MPG-50 in action in the videos below!






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