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MPG-7 Programmer for MKS-7 and Juno-106

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This listing is a pre-order.  The MPG-7 units are in production and will ship in July or August 2024. (Potentially earlier if we get them before July)  By placing an order, you are reserving one of the incoming MPG-7 units, and it will ship when they begin shipping.  Preorders are not refundable, so please be sure that you can wait until they're shipping before placing an order. 

MPG-7 is a compact control surface for the Roland MKS-7 synthesizer.   It features hands-on controls for all of the MKS-7's synth parameters, and adds much needed modern updates to the original synth module, such as patch memory and CC control of all parameters.  You'll never need to touch the front panel of the synth module again.

Here's some of the features of MPG-7:

  • Large OLED display that can be viewed in bright or dim settings
  • USB and DIN MIDI for simple integration into any setup.
  • On-board storage of individual patches, setups, midi mod matrix settings, and user CC maps (for controlling other devices with MPG-7)
  • Supports Juno 106 as well as MKS-7 synths
  • Poly-chain setting allows any two MKS-7/Juno 106 units to be daisy chained and treated as either a dual layer 6-voice synth, or a single layer 12-voice synth.
  • Chord mode
  • Full featured patch generator with categories for Pads, Basses, Polysynths, Strings, Brass, Arpeggio, Bells and Piano types of sounds.  It's like having an infinite supply of new sounds.
  • Ability to control two MKS/Juno-106 synths independently
  • Easy transfer of patches, setups and full memory backup, so your sounds can be easily backed up, swapped, and shared.
  • Flexible program change allows external gear to trigger program changes on the MPG-7
  • Assignable MIDI matrix allows users to route any CC or aftertouch source to affect any MKS-7 parameter in any way.  Want the mod wheel to open the filter up while decreasing resonance and changing the attack envelope?  No problem.  Dial it in in seconds and store it for future use!
  • Optional 3U rack ears for rack mounting.  Rear jack compartment is recessed, so you can rack the MPG-7 without worrying about how the midi cables will fit.  
  • PEEK function allows user to view the current settings of all panel parameters.  
  • MPG-7 allows users to control any MKS-7 parameters using CCs
  • Init Patch at the touch of a button for creating new sounds from scratch
  • Manual mode sends all panel parameter settings to the synth
  • Freeze mode will log all panel edits and wait until the FREEZE button is pressed to send them.  
  • Simple software update procedure so we can continue adding new features over time.
  • Juno 106 banks can be loaded into MPG-7


MPG-7 ships with a power supply, but can also be powered via USB if desired.  

On-board memory can be expanded by installing optional memory card.  

MPG-7 is available in 2 color styles:  Black panel with white and blue graphics, or White panel with blue and dark brown graphics.  

Unit measures 13" x 5.25" x 2" and weighs 7 lbs.