MPG-70 for Super JX & MKS-70  Pre-order (now until 8/1/2018)

MPG-70 for Super JX & MKS-70 Pre-order (now until 8/1/2018)

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We are taking pre-orders for the MPG-70 7U rackmountable controller for the Roland Super JX and MKS-70 synthesizers.  This controller was specifically designed for units that have Vecoven 4.12 firmware and PWM boards installed.  The MPG-70 gives access to all of the extra voice features added by the expanded Vecoven mods.  This unit will work with stock JX8P, Super JX, and MKS70 synths, however some sliders will do nothing if the synth isn't running the 4.12+ Vecoven firmware.

The module is available in 3 configurations.  A fully assembled unit can be purchased for $850 + shipping. 

A full DIY kit (all parts included) is available for $650. 

Partial DIY kit (panel, rear enclosure, PCB, programmed processor, mounting hardware only) is available for $550.  This option does not include: sliders, pots, knobs, slider caps, components, cable, buttons, button caps)

The module features 96 controls and several buttons, a front faceplate, and a rear sheet metal enclosure.  The enclosure allows the unit to be angled forward and set on a tabletop, as well as be rackmounted.  The controller uses the 6 pin DIN cable to communicate with the JX.  

The MPG-70 features a random patch generator, a scratch program generator, and the ability to select whether the upper or the lower tone is being edited.  

The pre-order period will run through July.  If the pre-order fundraising goal is not met by Aug 1, 2018, all preorder sales will be refunded.  25 units must sell to reach the preorder fundraising goal.  Shipping will be calculated when the units are boxed.  Shipping charges will be billed to each customer when units start to ship.  Shipping is expected to begin at the end of September.  All people who place preorders will receive periodic emails about the progress of the production.  

It may be possible to get discount shipping rates by bundling orders to Canada, UK, and AU.  

Full kits include SMD devices.  SMD soldering is required to assemble this product.  Full kits include panel, PCB, programmed processor, all SMD components, rear enclosure, cable, power adapter, mounting hardware + screws/standoffs, front panel, all buttons + button caps, all sliders + slider caps, all pots + knobs, rubber feet (for desktop use).  

Assembled modules include power adapter, module, and 6P DIN cable.  


As of July 13th, 2018, fundraising is at 48%.