MPG-70 mkII for Super JX, MKS-70, and JX-8P

MPG-70 mkII for Super JX, MKS-70, and JX-8P

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Latest OS download: OS 2.13

MPG-70 is a 7U rackmountable/desktop controller for JX-10, JX-8P, and MKS-70 synthesizers.  It works with stock units, as well as all Vecoven modified units.  (3.x and 4.x) The MPG-70 features panel knobs and sliders to control all 44 original PG-800 parameters, plus all extra parameters added by the Vecoven firmware and PWM upgrades.  (See for more info about the upgrade)  The MPG-70 can control 2 JX synths at a time, and users can control each synth individually, or simultaneously.  


MPG-70 features a durable metal enclosure and panel.  The module features 96 high-quality pots and sliders and an attractive OLED screen.  The enclosure allows the unit to be angled forward and set on a tabletop like a mixing board, as well as be rackmounted.   


96 controls parameter controls, including all Vecoven 4.x PWM parameters.  Works with Vecoven 3.x, as well as 4.x PWM systems.  MPG-70 will work with any stock JX-8P, MKS-70, or Super JX.  

Full MIDI implementation.  Sends MIDI data via sysex, MIDI CC, or PG-800 protocol.   Midi input merges incoming data to be sent to the JX, so no need to merge the MPG and your MIDI controller to play the JX while editing.  

Can be used with stock JX8P, Super JX, and MKS-70 while simultaneously controlling a Vecoven modded JX. 

UPPER/LOWER/BOTH/AUX feature allows editing of upper and lower tones simultaneously or separately, and a separate "aux" channel allows for more JX synths to be added and edited separately.

Patch menu gives user direct and quick access to deep patch parameters including assign mode, glide, key mode, patch detune, chromatic detune, tone select, chase play and more.   All patch menu functions can now be controlled with the front panel rotary pots.


Page 2 function gives users real-time control of all PATCH PARAMETERS on the JX-10 and MKS70.

Full featured random tone generator allow tones to be generated randomly, or by selecting a random category such as PAD, POLY, BELL/METAL, BASS, or COMPLEX SYNTH.  Each section of the synth can be masked (not changed) when a random tone is generated.  The amount of randomness can be selected by the user.

ASSIGN A/ASSIGN B/ASSIGN PEDAL - Three assignable controllers allow up to 5 parameters to be controlled simultaneously with one knob/pedal.  User can set the parameter, the max and mix, and whether to invert each layer, allowing for one to do something like turn the filter cutoff up while turning the resonance down and increasing the LFO rate with one control. CTRL A default function on boot-up is a crossfade between mixer channel 1 and 2.  (The assignable controls can be set to anything the user wants)  Any parameter on the JX can be controlled with MOD WHEEL, AFTERTOUCH, or BREATH.  Up to 5 parameters can be controled simultaneously from each of these sources.  

Incoming mod wheel, breath controller, and aftertouch messages can be routed to any JX parameter.  Each of these controller messages can control up to 5 JX parameters each, allowing for incredibly expressive sounds to be created.

Custom user CC maps can be created for controlling other synths while controlling the JX.  Each slider can have a CC number (0-127) assigned to it, allowing you to send any CC message using any slider.  This allows users to control other synths from their MPG-70.  The assignable CC map can be saved and recalled for future use.  

Three CROSSFADE modes:  Crossfade between DCO 1 and 2.  Crossfade between UPPER and LOWER voices.  Crossfade between any combination of 2 JX or MKS70s.  

Scratch tone generator allows user to select one of several basic starting places for creating new tones.  Choices include BASIC DUAL DCO, BASIC PWM, and BASIC SYNC.   Manual mode is available to transmit the current position of all sliders.

Sliders can be set to output MIDI CC messages that can be easily recorded and played back with any DAW.  

WRITE button has a dialog that checks before the synth is sent the command to save the current tone location.

 MPG-70 Owner's Manual V1.0




Includes 3' DIN cable for powering the unit using the JX.  If you would like a wall adapter or a longer cable, please check the ACCESSORIES page.  If you would like to substitute a wall adapter for the 3' cable, leave a note when ordering.  Thanks!