PG-2K Programmer for Kiwi-3P Modified JX-3P, Stock JX-3P and Stock MKS-30 (Pre-Order)

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Update: 1/17/22 - We're still waiting to receive our silkscreened pars from the screen printing shop.  Units will begin to ship when we get these parts in.  It should be within 2 or 3 weeks.  \  Preordered units ordered before 11/1/21 did not include shipping.  You will receive a shipping bill in January when the units are about to ship.  If ordering after 11/1/21, shipping is included in your checkout.  

 This programmer is designed for JX-3P units that have been modified with the Kiwitechnics Kiwi-3P upgrade.  The PG-2K will also support stock MKS-30 and stock JX-3P, (using PG-200 protocol) and Organix modified JX-3P units.  The units are powered by the 6P DIN cable connected to the synth.  

The PG-2K is a controller for Kiwi-3P, and stock JX-3P/MKS-30 synthesizers.   The unit measures 10"x7.6" x 2" and fits perfectly atop the JX3P, like the original PG-200 does.  The enclosure is a high quality powder-coated metal enclosure with 3-color silkscreen.  The rear of the unit includes a 6P DIN, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, plus an expression pedal jack.  This compact design packs a lot of power into an attractive module, allowing users to take full advantage of the powerful KIWI-3P mod.

Note: This controller will not work with Kiwi-30 and it's cousin the KIWI-3P Matrix.  We have another controller design intended for that parameter set.  This controller is for the classic Kiwi-3P mod.  If you are confused about which model Kiwi you have, please message us before purchasing.   

Allows storage of sounds in JX-3P format and Kiwi-3P format.

The panel includes 11 rotary pots, 20 30mm sliders, 15 illuminated switches, and a control console with large OLED screen.   User has access to all Kiwi-3P parameters.  No more digging to find the parameter you want to edit.

The unit will use MIDI to control up to 2 units independently from one controller.  Note and controller data from the MIDI IN will be passed to the midi out (midi echo) and merged with outgoing controller data.  

Multiple MIDI filters.  Filter data by note range, channel number, data type (CC, note, sysex, real time, aftertouch, pitch, program change etc).  

Ability to map incoming data by channel, range, data type.

Chord mode

Patch generator featuring multiple categories (Pads, Comp, Strings, Basses, Bells/Metal, Plucked, Clavichord, etc), as well as a scratch tone generator for generating a starter tone when creating a new sound.   User can mask each section of the synth when generating patches, IE: If, for example, you have a specific envelope setting that you like and do not want to change, you can mask the envelope settings you don't want randomized.  Then when you generate a new sound, everything but the masked parameters will get changed.  

Manual mode transmits all slider positions.

ASSIGN matrix allows users to control multiple parameters with a single control.  Each ASSIGN can control 5 separate parameters, with each parameter having its own control range and direction (inverted, non-inverted).  There is an ASSIGN A, which is controlled by the CTRL A slider, an expression pedal ASSIGN, plus 3 "soft assigns" which can be controlled by any CC, mod wheel, pitch wheel, or aftertouch.  Do something like use your mod wheel or aftertouch to sweep the cutoff up, while moving the resonance down and increasing the LFO speed, all with one movement.  User can set the ranges of each parameter so they can control things exactly the way they want.  These assigns can be sequenced and played back, allowing them to double as automation lanes for multiple controllers.  

Menu control of all KIWI-3P parameters, including sequencer, arpeggiator, and pattern generator.  

Graphic display of envelopes, with easy env selection.

FREEZE mode.  When FREEZE button is pressed, controller stops sending parameter data.  User can move as many parameters on the panel as they wish.  When FREEZE if pressed again, all moved parameters will instantly transmit.  

MIDI bootloader allows users to update their controller using a midi file provided by us.   This allows us to add features as time goes on.  If Kiwitechnics adds some new features to their firmware, we can then add support for those features on the PG-2K, allowing usewrs to update their firmware with a simple sysex file.  

Control 2 units independently or simultaneously.  (MIDI only)

On-board storage of patches, assigns and setups.  A setup is 2 patches (one on synth #1 and another on synth #2) plus crossfade settings (for layering 2 3Ps or MKS-30s) and related ASSIGNs.  Store layered MKS30/3Ps as a single patch!

All units will ship with DIN cables.  


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