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RETRAKT Adjustable Angled Rack-mounting System

RETRAKT Adjustable Angled Rack-mounting System

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Struggling to seamlessly integrate mixers, synth controllers, and tabletop synths into your rack setup? You're not alone. Traditional racks often hinder comfort and usability by restricting adjustability. Enter Retrakt: a game-changer in the world of gear organization. With its innovative design, Retrakt offers complete adjustability and sleek aesthetics, ensuring you can harness the full potential of your equipment with ease and comfort.

Retrakt is a fully adjustable and customizeable rack mounting system.  It is built with sturdy powder-coated metal, and the base-model features 3 hinged sections, each 4 rack spaces tall,  that can be adjusted and locked into position.  The unit sits on non-skid rubber feet to firmly stay put on any surface.   When you've got your gear angled the way you like it, just lock the mechanism into place.  

Each hinged section can swivel between 90 and 180 degrees. The hinge hardware will fit any size 19" rack rail, allowing custom systems to be built.  The base model can be purchased with 3 sets of 4U rack rails, or without rack rails included.  We supply 10-32 tapped rack rails only.  Other styles and sizes of rails will fit the Retrakt, and can be purchased from Penn Elcom.  More tiers can be added to existing Retrakt systems using additional sets of hinges. 

Gear mounted in the RETRAKT should not protrude beyond the back of the base, and we recommend that gear mounted in the Retrakt be less than 10" deep.   

Note: The photos above with MPG-8X and DW-8P mounted in the bottom tier have an 8U rack rail installed.  The base Retrakt contains 3 sets of 4U rack rails as shown in the photo of the 3 Korg Rackmount modules.  

Base Model Retrakt Contains:

1 x  set Heavy-Duty Black Powder Coated Bases with rubber feet

2 x sets of adjustable hinges + Hardware to mount rails

$299 (Without 4U rack rails included)   

$325 (3 sets of 4U rack rails included)  - This is the version used with the new Korg Modwave, OP Six and Wavestate rackmount synths


Additional set of Hinges (Includes all needed hardware.  Can be connected to any rack rail.) Contains:

1 x set of adjustable hinges w/knob and locking nuts + Hardware to mount rails

$89 per set  (Without 4U rack rails included)

$99 per set (set of 4U rack rails included)


Retrakt Assembly Manual