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RETRAKT 1 Rack System

RETRAKT 1 Rack System

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January 26 - Sold out.  More will be available in coming weeks.  

The RETRAKT 1 Rack System allows equipment to be mounted into the system, and angled.  The RETRAKT 1 includes the following hardware:

1 x  Heavy-Duty Black Powder-Coated Base  with Stablilizer Bracket and non-slip feet

1 x set of red anodized adjustable hinges

All necessary washers, screws, carriage bolts,  and adjustment knobs

The system requires 2 sets of rack rails.  The unit shown in the photos has 8U rails on the lower tier, 4U on the mid-tier,  and 8U rails on the upper tier, but any size rails can be used (8U is the max we recommend for the lower tier)  Because the rack rails in North America and EU differ, and customers want to choose the sizes that suit their particular need and system, we recommend purchasing those from Penn Elcom Online.  Rack rails are not included with the RETRAKT systems.  

Each hinge can be moved using the spring loaded pull pins.  Pins snap into place in 15 degree increments.  Each hinge allows movement from 90 to 180 degrees.  The lower tier has 3 available angles; 90 degree, 75 degree, and 60 degree.    

The depth of the bottom tier depends on whether the tier is adjusted at 90, 75, or 60 degrees.  At 90 degrees, depth is 5" max for the bottom tier.  

Assembly is required.