30mm LED Slider Adapter PCB for ARP Quadra & Solus (Bare PCBs)

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This set of adapter PCBs will allow any PTL-30 series LED slider to fit into the footprints of the original CTS 30mm sliders found on the ARP Quadra and ARP Solus.   These adapter PCBs require some SMD soldering.  PTL-30 slide potentiometers are not included with the adapter PCBs.  LED brightness is adjusted using the on-board brightness trimmer on each slider, which means you can use any color combinations you'd like and there's not any extra circuitry needed for each color.  

Each adapter PCB can be built as a solid color slider, or they can be configured to blink at the rate of any LFO, envelope, or other modulation source by populating 3 extra parts.   

 LEDs, a 5V LED supply, and components can be purchased separately at our store. 

Each order includes a set of adapter PCBs and bill of materials needed to build the slider adapter.

Slider & slider PCB orders can take up to 10 days, as these are ordered only as needed.

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