PG-800 MINI Bare PCB & Overlay Kit for JX-8P & Super JX

PG-800 MINI Bare PCB & Overlay Kit for JX-8P & Super JX

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The PG-800 Mini is a compact controller for the Roland JX-8P,  and Super JX synthesizers.  It has all of the functions of the original PG-800, plus some new features.  The PG-800 Mini fits perfectly inside the chassis of JX-8P and Super JX synthesizers, measuring just 7.75" x 4.25" x 1.25".   The controller is also compatible with Super JX synths which have the Vecoven upgrades.    The Mini can now also operate in "Vecoven 4.x mode", which adds a Page 2 button, giving hands on control over all of the 40 extra tone parameters in Vecoven 4.x firmware.   The kit includes:

PG-800 Mini bare PCB

PG-800 Mini Graphic Overlay

Programmed microprocessor

Bill of Materials

Drilling Template

Mounting hardware

44 tall trim pots

MuffWiggler Build Thread (With photo guide to installing in JX-8P)

User & Installation Manual Download


REV 2.0 Firmware Update (.BIN file)  

Vecoven PWM Page 2 Parameter Chart

The PG-800 Mini features some useful functions that the original PG-800 did not have.  New functions include:

"Scratch patch" generator - Tapping a button will generate a basic scratch program, which serves as a useful starting point when creating a new tone.  

Random patch generator -  Holding a button down will generate a random tone.  This is a fun way to discover new sounds from the JX.

Copy & paste - Copy the current state of the knobs on the PG-800 Mini to save your ideas or easily transfer a tone to another program.

 Output Disable Mode - Allows the PG800 Mini to stop transmitting messages to the synth.  This is useful in performances, where inadvertent touching of a knob can transmit unwanted messages.

Page 2 - Booting up in "Vecoven 4.x" mode will turn the WRITE button into a Page 2 function.  All 40 extra tone parameters can be controlled using this function.  Parameters include all PWM, LFO2, ENV1-4, LFO sync, upper/lower balance, aftertouch vibrato amount, aftertouch VCF amount, and aftertouch volume amount.  A total of 88 parameters can be controlled with the PG-800 Mini and a Vecoven upgraded JX.  Page 2 parameters are shown below:

Firmware updates will be made available if and when new features are added to the software.  

 This kit requires SMD soldering.  The smallest part used is  0603 caps and resistors.  Board connects to the JX via 5 wires.  This should be installed by people with electronics experience.  Drilling into your synth is permanent.  Be sure to do a good job and follow the instructions closely. 

If you do not have SMD soldering equipment and knowledge of that, no worries.  We also sell fully assembled modules, which can be installed by us or the tech of your choosing.  Installations by us are $100/hr, and the process usually takes 4-5 hours.

The installation manual includes a link to a full Mouser cart, so you do not need to spend time searching for the electronic components.  It can be done with a couple of clicks.  Schematic link is provided to all who purchase kits.