Synclavier & Prophet T8 Keyboard Action Restoration Kit

Synclavier & Prophet T8 Keyboard Action Restoration Kit

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This kit includes all foam and foam punchings needed to replace degraded, rotting foam in the action found on the T8 and Synclavier.  Replacing the old foam will make the keyboard action quick and the synth won't feel like "work" to play.   This is almost impossible without new foam.   This kit includes the following:

Foam Front Rail Punchings

Foam Balance Rail Punchings

Large Foam Strip Beneath Hammers

Foam Strip That Keys Rest On

We now offer full sets of replacement aftertouch strips, as well as fully built aftertouch pcb sets with improved sensitivity,  which can be purchased separately.  The foam punchings are a key to the aftertouch mechanism, and it won't work well if they're rotten and do not return to their original form immediately when compressed.   

A brief document detailing how the aftertouch mechanism works


This video is showing T8 action foam being replaced.  Note, this video was from 2011, before the replacement foam punchings were available.  We now use brand new replacement front rail and balance rail punchings instead of strips.