ARP Avatar Modular Patch Bay Kit

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Discontinued.  This page is here as a resource for people who have a kit.  

This kit includes everything you need to convert you ARP Avatar in to a modular synthesizer. This modification brings most of the synthesizer's functions out to patch points on the front panel. Features include a separate glide control for each VCO, easy access to all of the important functions of the synthesizer, and the synth will behave normally if no patch cables are inserted. Inserting a patch cable into an input will automatically route the incoming signal through the associated CV slider, giving the user full control over attenuating incoming signals. Separate glide controls for each VCO allow lots of new sounds that a stock Avatar can't make.   Please note that the panels have been updated from those shown in the main listing photo.  The new Rev 2 panels are shown in the first and last (of the 3) photos in the listing.  
Polycarbonate Graphic Panel 
(2) Potentiometers  (Pots are the tall 13mm with white indicator as shown in the last 4 photos)
Heat Shrink Tubing 
(2) 50 pin IDC cables 
1 x PCB
(36) 1/8” Switching Jacks 
(36) 3/8” Mounting Nuts 
(1) 1M Resistor 
(1) bag of SMD parts for PCB


This kit requires a small amount of SMD soldering (1 14 pin chip and a few resistors and caps).  

Installation Manual

NOTE: there is a mistake in the instructions. The points where it says wires B18 and B19 should be soldered, must be reversed.