ARP Quadra LED Slider Kit

ARP Quadra LED Slider Kit

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This kit includes 34 fully assembled LED slide potentiometers for the ARP Quadra synthesizer.  Kit includes 5V power supply, 34 LED sliders each with adjustable brightness, connector cables, and an instruction manual.   LFO Rate, Phaser Rate, and Trill Rate sliders can be configured to blink at the rate of the modulation source.  This kit requires soldering and several hours of work to complete.  This should be done by experienced hobbyists and professionals only.  

Bass Tune, VCO 1 Tune and VCO 2 Tune sliders have a center detent.

For the Quadra, we recommend using amber and green LEDs with the colored lens.  This blends with the existing LEDs and the panel.  Any color combo is available.   Please specify which color LEDs you would like when you place your order.  We stock the following colors:


red (w/ red lens)

amber (w/ amber lens)





green (with green lens)





All LEDs are water clear unless noted.  Colors available are subject to what we currently have in stock.  


Assembled slider kits are special-order only, meaning that we make these to order.  All assembled slider kit orders take 3-10 business days to build and ship.