MPG-8X Super Jupiter Programmer (Pre-order)

MPG-8X Super Jupiter Programmer (Pre-order)

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This listing is a pre-order sale for our upcoming Retroaktiv MPG-8X controller for MKS-80 synthesizers.  This unit is not a clone of an MPG-80 programmer, it offers a completely new, elevated user experience and allows users to edit, store, layer, and animate the sounds of their MKS-80.  When checking out, ignore the shipping details window, as shipping will be billed when the units ship.  Just hit the "Check Out" button, and it will let you pay.  

People who preorder will get to choose between a blue and an orange unit.  The production units are going to be orange.  We have attached some photos of the prototype unit, which is blue.  

The MPG-8X features all of the same capability of the MPG-80, but offers much more than the original did.  Features of the MPG-8X are:


  • Heavy-duty 5U powder coated enclosure, available in desktop format (17.25" x 8.75" x 1.75") and available with optional 5U powder coated rack ears.  Rear panel where midi jacks and power are located is a recessed compartment, allowing for convenient access to cables when racking the unit.
  • Durable multi-color buttons like the classic Jupiter series
  • Large white OLED display with capability of displaying envelope shapes, text, other graphics.

  •  Can control 2 MKS-80 units simultaneously and independently. Keeps track of 4 tone parameter arrays at once, so when you switch layers, the correct graphics and LEDs are displayed on the panel.

  •  Intelligent Patch Generator - multiple categories of patches can be created, including bass, pads, comp, clavichord, string, brass, etc. Each section of the synth can be masked, so the randomizations won't affect masked sections.

  •  Assignable controls allow up to 5 parameters to be controlled simultaneously. In each layer, the user sets the parameter affected, the range (example 55-75) of the layer, and whether the layer is inverted. Up to 5 layers like this can be stacked on each assign. Incoming aftertouch and mod wheel signals can also be used as assign sources, so they can control any parameters on the synth.

  •  scratch patch generator, manual mode, MIDI data filtering, chord mode

    Ability to translate and transmit CCs. Translates CC into sysex for easily recording parameter movements with a DAW. Multiple modes of cc translation/transmission.

  •  128k of built in memory - Allows users to save patches in a single button press. 30 banks of patches can be stored on the unit.

    10 banks of setups can be stored on the unit. A setup consists of the PATCH on the MAIN and AUX layer, (A patch consists of 2 tones and a bunch of patch parameters that both tones share), plus all of the ASSIGNs and other settings. Basically, it's a complete snapshot of everything. Very useful.

    200 ASSIGNs can be stored on the unit.

    Each bank, patch, assign, setup can be names (up to 16 characters).

  •  MIDI program selection of objects

  • MIDI bootloader, allowing for easy software updates that add new features
  • Ability to back up entire memory on MPG-8X in a single sysex file (Contains all saves objects and settings on MPG-8X)
  • DC wall adapter included

These are expected to ship late summer of 2020.  It is difficult to give an exact ship date.  We have learned from previous productions of new products (4 products developed and produced in 2019) that there is no easy way to give a hard ship deadline for these.  We use different manufacturers for our metal, PCB, PCB assembly, sliders, hardware, switches, screens, etc, and they all have lead times and supply chain availability things.  When preordering, please be aware that these will ship when then units are ready and we are satisfied with the builds and firmware.  

Preorder prices do not include shipping.  Shipping is paid when the units are built, boxed, and weighed.  We will send out emails and shipping invoices when the units are ready to ship.  

As we have with our other products, there is a Facebook user group where progress updates etc get posted.  It's called Retroaktiv MPG-8X User's Group.   Once the product is released, these groups are where we discuss features, ask questions, report software bugs, etc.