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DW-8P Memory Expansion Board

DW-8P Memory Expansion Board

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To install, see the photos attached to this listing.  Once card is installed, to initialize, power up DW-8P, and when you see the DW-8P logo, press and hold LEFT +RIGHT + CHORUS buttons until you see "SUCCESS!" message.  Card is now ready to use.  

On-board storage of 40 banks of 64 DW sounds
Storage of 100 ASSIGNs
Storage of 100 FX PRESETs
Storage of 100 SETUPs (A setup consists of a MAIN program, AUX program, and 3 ASSIGNs. )
Ability to dump/receive individual DW/EX banks.
Ability to do a full sysex dump of all DW8P memory. (For backup purposes)
Ability to translate banks of DW6000 into DW-8000/EX-8000 and vice versa.
Ability to scroll through and audition all sounds in the memory bank.
This kit requires that a 6 pin jack be soldered to the PCB if you have one of the early units.  Otherwise, the card is plug and play.  
When uploading banks to the card from the computer, check the sysex in Midi Ox to see which channel the bank was made on.  For example, each sysex string begins with F0, then 42H, then 3xH, where the x is the hexadecimal representation of the MIDI channel the bank was originally transmitted on.  (0-9 are channels 1 through 10, and A-F are channels 11 - 16)  The DW8P must be set to the same channel as the one the bank was transmitted on.