DW-8P Programmer for Korg EX-8000, DW-6000 & DW-8000 Synthesizer (Pre-order)

DW-8P Programmer for Korg EX-8000, DW-6000 & DW-8000 Synthesizer (Pre-order)

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We are taking preorders for this programmer until we raise the funds needed to pay for the production.  People who purchase pre-order units will receive their programmers before the general public, and will get the programmer at a discounted price.  The pre-order price is $420.  Retail price will start at $480 when units ship to dealers, etc.   Keep in mind that the programmer is slated for production in the winter, and delivery will be in April.  This listing is a pre-order for the upcoming product.

The DW-8P is a rackmountable MIDI controller that can program Korg DW-6000, DW-8000, and EX-8000 synths.  The programmer will allow users to select the model (DW8k, EX8k, or DW6k) and can control 2 separate units (they can be any combo of DW or EX models) individually or simultaneously. There's an on-board patch generator with multiple categories, including pad, poly, pluck, bass, FX, drone, bell, EP, and random. There are 3 assignable controls (CTRL A, CTRL B, and EXP PEDAL) that can control up to 5 DW parameters simultaneously, where the range of each parameter and direction (inverse or normal) can be affected by the ASSIGN. This allows users to do things like turn the filter up while turning resonance down and increasing envelope release all with one slider or pedal. The programmer uses sysex and CC to communicate with the synth. In CC mode, moving a slider will send a CC message (for recording the CC with a DAW) and a sysex message (to the synth). In CC mode, playing back recorded CCs or sending CCs from a controller will result in that CC being translated to sysex and sent to the DW. 
We've changed some of the "redundant" controls on the DW, such as the F ENV + or - switch. Now there's an envelope amount slider. When centered, the env amt is 0. The top half of the slider will bring in + F ENV, while the lower half will bring in the - F ENV. Same thing with the RAMP GENERATOR function. This is a more straightforward and less tedious implementation. 
The PATCHGEN features not only a random patch generator, but also a MANUAL mode (transmits all current slider positions), and a "scratch patch" generator. The random patch gen allows each block of the synth to be "masked" (not changed when a random patch is generated). The sections that can be masked are : DCO1, DCO2, RAMP, VCF, DELAY, MG, AENV, FENV, and TOUCH. The amount of randomness can also be dialed in, to add variety to programs.   If using multiple synths, a separate tone can be generated on each synth in the layer.

Incoming MIDI signals are merged with outgoing controller data to make connection and performing with the controller straight-forward.  

The unit is a 3U 19" rackmountable controller measuring 19" x 5.25" from the front, and sits at a forward tilt if set on the keyboard or a tabletop and used as a desktop controller.  The rear panel features a recessed compartment allowing for easy cable connection when rack mounted.  Unit is powered by a 9VDC wall wart style adapter.  

All customers who order the product will get an invitation to a private DW8P user group, where frequent progress updates, videos, photos, and general discussion of the product will be posted.

I hope for these to be shipping before April, but delays frequently occur when producing these products, so I've allowed extra time to be sure everything goes smoothly.  Shipping will be calculated and billed when the units are boxed and ready to fly.  Thanks for supporting these products!