MPG-50 Programmer for Roland Alpha Juno 1 & 2, MKS-50 (Pre-order)

MPG-50 Programmer for Roland Alpha Juno 1 & 2, MKS-50 (Pre-order)

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Retroaktiv MPG-50 is a fully featured MIDI programmer for the popular Roland Alpha Juno 1 and 2, and the MKS-50 rackmount synthesizer.  The MPG-50 is a compact 370mm (14.5") x 149mm (6") x 40mm (1.5").   It features 37 sliders and knobs which control all of the features included on the original PG-300 plus more.  

The MPG-50 has full MIDI implementation, allowing for MIDI messages to be passed through to the Juno while also sending parameter control data.  Each Juno sysex parameter can be controlled using MIDI CCs, which allows for slider movements to be recorded on a DAW.  Also featured are an expression pedal input, and two AUX sliders, each of which, can be programmed to control up to 5 parameters simultaneously.  The range and polarity of each parameter is programmable, allowing for a slider to do something like open the filter, slightly increase the DCO LFO rate and amount, and change the attack setting all with one slider or pedal.   The pedal and AUX slider assignments can be saved for use in performance, and can be recalled using MIDI program change messages.

A patch generator function allows for users to create new "scratch" programs (basic programs that serve as a starting point for creating sounds), a random patch generator, a manual function (transmits the position of all 39 front panel parameters),  as well as a user configurable random generator that will randomize only parameters selected by the user.  User created randomization and scratch programs can be saved for later use.

The PORTAMENTO ON/OFF button can be configured as a toggle or as a momentary button.  When used as a momentary button, glide will only be active when the button is held down, which is useful when soloing.  

The unit can be set to transmit MIDI CC messages, allowing for the MPG-50 to be used as a generic MIDI controller.  (Under normal settings, the unit passes MIDI seen at the input port, and transmits SYSEX to the Juno)

In the main menu, users can select MONO or POLY mode, adjust bend range, turn on Chord Mode, and save and recall AUX/Pedal assignment settings.  

All menu information is displayed on a compact OLED screen, allowing for deep editing and the display of parameter values being transmitted.  

MPG-50 offers all of the functionality of the original PG-300, plus a suite of modern performance and MIDI features that make this the most full featured Alpha Juno programmer on the market.  

Units will begin shipping in the early autumn of 2018.   Orders placed during pre-order period will receive a 10% discount off of the MSRP.   Shipping will be calculated and billed when orders begin shipping in the fall.