MPG-8 Programmer for JX-8P, Super JX, and MKS-70

MPG-8 Programmer for JX-8P, Super JX, and MKS-70

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User Manual 1.0


MPG-8 is an affordable, compact controller for Roland JX-8P, MKS-70, and Super JX synthesizers.    The MPG-8 does everythiong the original PG-800 did, and more.  The case is constructed using heavy-duty powder coated metal, and it sits atop any desktop surface or the synth itself using 4 non-slip rubber feet.  The 6 pin DIN port is recessed to reduce the length of protruding 6P cable when unit is plugged in.  Supports all stock, Vecoven 3.x and Vecoven 4.x units.

MPG-8 uses the included 6-pin DIN cable included with the unit to communicate to the JX, and to receive power from the synth.  

MPG-8 has all of the features of the original PG-800, plus more.  MPG-8 can be configured to boot in "Vecoven mode" which will allow users to control the extra parameters added by the Vecoven 4.x/PWM modification.  Features include:

Manual mode - transmits current position of all knobs to the synth

Scratch Patch Generator - sets up a generic starter tone.  Has 3 scratch tone types: basic dual DCO, oscillator sync, and dual pulse width modulation.

Vecoven/Page 2 mode - allows users to access all Vecoven parameters

Randomizer - Creates musically useful "randomized" tones at the press of a button. 

Power up with both buttons held to toggle between booting in stock or Vecoven mode.  This only needs to be done once, then the MPG-8 remembers it.