PG-2K Preorder shipping checkout

PG-2K Preorder shipping checkout

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Use this listing to pay for PG-2K shipping if you have not yet paid shipping.  (Only recent preorders were charged shipping.)

If you would like to purchase a 6U PG-2K rack mounting bracket ($55), please wait to pay shipping, as the rack bracket will require that the PG-2K ships in a larger box, which will increase the shipping amount.  Message us about this, and we can invoice you directly.  

When shipping is purchased, we will provide you with a tracking number.  Please be aware that we print off the labels, customs forms, and packing slips all at once, before packing the individual parcels.  You may not see any movement on your tracking until a few days after the label is created.  This just means that we are packing the preorders.  

We hope you enjoy the PG-2K.  It's our most sophisticated programmer yet, and is shipping with more features than we had originally intended.  Hopefully it is worth the wait!

-Rob Currier

Founder of Retroaktiv