PG-800 MINI Desktop Controller DIY Kit for Roland JX-8P, Super JX, GR-77 and MKS-70

PG-800 MINI Desktop Controller DIY Kit for Roland JX-8P, Super JX, GR-77 and MKS-70

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The PG-800 Mini is a compact controller for the Roland JX-8P, Super JX, GR-77 and MKS-70 synthesizers.   The desktop controller kit is available in 2 configurations: 

Full kit - This includes everything needed to build the Pg-800 Mini Desktop.  Kit contains parts to build cable.  SMD soldering experience required.  ($299)

Partial kit - This includes a PCB, programmed processor, the external enclosure + front panel, 44 Song Huei Tall Trimmer type pots, parts to build cable, mounting hardware, 4 rubber feet.  SMD soldering experience required.  ($265)


All units are equipped with non-slip feet to keep the unit firmly seated on any surface.  The PG-800 mini will work with all JX8P, Super JX and MKS-70 synthesizers.  The controller is also compatible with Super JX synths which have the Vecoven upgrades.   The Mini can now also operate in "Vecoven 4.x mode", which adds a Page 2 button, giving hands on control over all of the 40 extra tone parameters in Vecoven 4.x firmware.   Page 2 parameters are shown below:


The PG-800 Mini features some useful functions that the original PG-800 did not have.  New functions include:

"Scratch patch" generator - Tapping a button will generate a basic scratch program, which serves as a useful starting point when creating a new tone.  

Random patch generator -  Holding a button down will generate a random tone.  This is a fun way to discover new sounds from the JX.

Copy & paste - Copy the current state of the knobs on the PG-800 Mini to save your ideas or easily transfer a tone to another program.

Page 2 - Booting up in "Vecoven 4.x" mode will turn the WRITE button into a Page 2 function.  All 40 extra tone parameters can be controlled using this function.  Parameters include all PWM, LFO2, ENV1-4, LFO sync, upper/lower balance, aftertouch vibrato amount, aftertouch VCF amount, and aftertouch volume amount.  A total of 88 parameters can be controlled with the PG-800 Mini and a Vecoven upgraded JX.  


Firmware updates will be made available if and when new features are added to the software.  

User Manual & Build Guide (Feb 4, 2018)

Schematic (Oct 2017) * Parts change - Use 47uF for all polarized caps except C13, C42.

Latest BOM (Jan 10, 2018) 

Muff-Wiggler Build Thread - Check here for the latest build notes.  

Vecoven 4.x PWM Page 2 Parameter Chart

REV 2.0 Firmware Update (.BIN file)  (Only needed if you have one of the first 25 units made)  This fixes any glitching of parameter values.   All units purchased after 9-15-17 have the updated firmware.  Instructions for flashing the processor are provided on the Muff Wiggler build thread above.  We can also provide pre-programmed processors with 2.0 software to anyone who has one of these early units.

Rev 2 PCB w/ SMD Processor Schematic Diagram (March 10, 2018)

Rev 2 PCB w/SMD Processor BOM (March 10, 2018)

Rev 5 PCB w/SMD Processor BOM(March 2019)