Prophet T8 & Synclavier Replacement Polyphonic Aftertouch DIY Kit

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For sale is a brand-new polyphonic aftertouch PCB set for Prophet T8 and Synclavier synthesizers. These boards are drop in replacements and function the same as the originals.  These boards were designed with finer pitched interlaced gold fingers on the sensors, which allows for greater sensitivity with less pressure applied.  

Since the foam strips and foam punchings in the keyboard mechanism are integral to the function of the aftertouch mechanism, we recommend replacing all keyboard foam in tandem with replacing the aftertouch sensors or PCBs. 

Kit contains 5 x bare aftertouch PCBs, 5 x carbon sensor arrays and 4 x interconnect cables.   SMD soldering is required.  Schematic and BOM are included.  All components must be ordered by customer.  

BOM and Mouser Cart Link


Applying the carbon sensor arrays


Installing the PCBs