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Retroaktiv SSH - Variable-Slope Voltage-Controlled Sample & Hold (Assembled Module)

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Complex Sample & Hold and Waveform Generator with Noise Source

SSH is a random voltage generator and wave shaper. This S&H has a built in LFO and noise source, allowing for stepped and slewed random waveforms to be generated without any patching or external modules. The stepped S&H waveform can be accessed directly from the STEP output jack, or the waveform can be run through an "intelligent" slew limiter, which allows for smooth slewing between steps. The on-board slew limiter is equipped with a shaping circuit, which allows for the slew to vary between the classic R-C type of glide and linear glide. SSH features some other unique functions, which allow for an amazing variety of waveforms to be generated.

  • On-board LFO with voltage controlled rate, normalized to the sample & hold trigger generator. External triggering input jack as well.

  • Sample & hold generator is normalized to an internal white noise source, allowing for "random" stepped waveforms to be generated. External signals between +/-8V can be sampled using the EXTinput jack. Stepped S&H output can be accessed using STEP output jack.

  • Separate output for slewed S&H waveform. (SLEW) Slew amount is voltage controlled. Slope of the slewing is voltage controlled and can be varied between a classic RC glide and linear glide. Using the RISE/BOTH/FALL switch, slew can be active when the S&H waveform is rising, falling, or can be always active (switch in middle position)

  • Symmetry control switch - By using the SYM/ASM switch, slew slope can be "opposite" on rising and falling waveforms. If the SYM mode is selected, the slope of the slewed waveform will correspond to the SLOPE CV controls. If ASM is selected, when the slewed waveform is rising, the current SLOPEsetting will be applied. When falling, the "opposite" SLOPE setting will be applied. This allows for RC or linear curves to be applied when the S&H waveform is rising, and the opposite curve to be applied when falling, which allows for unique output waveforms to be created. A rear panel header provides separate 5V RISE and FALL gate signals.

  • The curve of the slewed waveform can also be changed by feeding the slewed output back into the SLEW CV input.  Doing this can produce convex rise/ convex fall, concave rise/concave fall types of waveforms.
  • By sampling a gate (0-10V for example), and increasing the rate of sampling, the SSH can be used as an ASR envelope generator with variable slope

This module is 10HP and packs a sophisticated sample & hold generator, waveshaper, and noise source into a compact module.  Assembled module includes a 6" power connector cable.  

Power specs: +12v @ 30mA, -12v @ 25mA, 5V @ 10mA

User Manual (April 5, 2018)


Video Example: SLOPE, SLEW, SYM/ASM, RISE/FALL Demonstration

Video Example: RISE Mode

Modulating the SLEW and SLOPE in RISE mode, where slewing can only be applied when the staircase wave is rising (Voltage of current step is higher than the last step)



Video Example: Syncing with a sequencer, modulating SLOPE & SLEW





Oscilloscope shot of basic random waveform (From the SLEW output jack)