Retroaktiv SSH - Variable-Slope Voltage-Controlled Sample & Hold DIY Kit

Retroaktiv SSH - Variable-Slope Voltage-Controlled Sample & Hold DIY Kit

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SSH is a noise generator and complex sample & hold unit.  The sample and hold generator features an internal LFO that ranges from .1Hz  to 500Hz.   The rate of the internal LFO can be controlled by external control voltages by plugging into the RATE input jack.  External triggering of the sample & hold can be accomplished by plugging a clock source into the TRIG input. The sample and hold is normalized to an internal white noise generator with a signal level of 5vpp.  The sample & hold source can be switched between the internal noise generator or any external source by using the INT/EXT toggle switch on the front panel.  STEP output jack provides a direct output of the stepped sample & hold waveform.  A separate SLEW output provides a sample & hold waveform run through the SSH lag circuit.  The lag circuit feature voltage-controlled slew and voltage controlled slope.  The lag generator can be controlled with the SLEW knob, as well as by external voltages, by plugging into the SLEW input jack.  The slope control varies from linear to exponential.  A symmetry switch allows either symmetrical slope (both rising and falling voltages have the same slope applied) or an asymmetrical slope, where the slope of rising voltages will be opposite that of falling voltages.  In other words, if the slope control is set to 3:00 (mostly exp slope), then the 3:00 slope will be applied to rising voltages, whereas a 9:00 slope (mostly linear) will be applied to falling voltages.  If the slope control is set to 9:00, then the opposite will be true.  If slope is set to 1:00, this position will be applied to the rising voltages, and the 11:00 slope position will be applied to falling voltages.  The SLOPE can be controlled with external CVs by plugging into the SLOPE input.  

SSH is a full-featured, unique sample and hold module that has countless uses.  SSH is available as a fully assembled 10HP module, or as a DIY kit.  All kits and modules include a power cable.  The parts on the SSH PCB are SMD, with the exception of jacks, switches, LED, pots, and headers.  

DIY kits are available in 2 configurations:

Panel/PCB only

Full Kit + power cable



12/21/17 - This module is currently available as a pre-order only.  Modules should be ready for shipment in February 2018.  Pre-orders are discounted 10% from MSRP.