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Rhodes Chroma Polyphonic Aftertouch Kit

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Kit contents:
2 assembled aftertouch PCBs with connector cables
1 bag of foam balance rail punchings
1 bag of mounting screws and actuator screws

Installation Instructions  (This manual shows an older set of PCBs from 2016, but the installation is the same as the later version with the exception of the two cables needing to be soldered) 

Notes: The installation instructions show an older version of this product.  Though the new product looks different, the installation process is still the same, with the exception of the cables needing to be soldered onto the PCB.  Below are 3 additional pics that are not shown in the original manual. 

 Solder the end of the cable marked 'J1' to the LOWER aftertouch board as shown below.  (The LOWER aftertouch board has U2 and U4 populated.  The UPPER aftertouch board does not have U2 and U4 populated)  Pin 1 is the square pad of J1.   Note that pin 1 on the blue connector lines up with the square pad on J1.  Correct orientation is shown below.  

The photo below shows the 12P cable that connects the LOWER & UPPER PCBs.  J3 of the LOWER board gets connected to J2 on the UPPER board.   Notice that U2 and U4 are not populated on the UPPER board.   
Below is a photo of the LOWER and UPPER PCBs connected by the 12P cable.   
This is the full assembly, with the lower and upper PCB connected by the 12 pin connector.