Rhodes Chroma Polyphonic Aftertouch Kit (Pre-order)

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Note about ordering:  We ran out of these over the winter, and 2 of the parts used have become obsolete, meaning the PCBs must be redesigned using a different part.  This is a significant amount of work for a niche product.  Since many people have been asking about the next availability, we will take orders for these until 4 sets have been ordered.  Once 4 sets of boards have been reached, we will order a new round of assembled boards.  If 4 sets have not been reached by May 15, 2019, all pre-orders will be refunded in full.  The pre-order status will be listed here.  As of today, 1 pre-orders have been placed.  
This product adds polyphonic aftertouch functionality to any Rhodes Chroma Synthesizer.  Unit comes assembled and no soldering is required to install.  Every set of boards is plugged into a Chroma and each note's sensor is tested before the boards ship.  
This kit allows for the most adjustable, expressive aftertouch possible for the Chroma.  The Chroma keyboard has the same style of keys as the Prophet T8 and Synclavier, both of which have fully adjustable, great feeling polyphonic aftertouch. The sensors in these two synths are located under the keys, which also gives a significant mechanical advantage.   We've adapted the circuitry and mechanics from these classic synths into a system for the Chroma.  Each key's aftertouch sensitivity is individually adjustable. This allows players to achieve uniformity from key to key, as well as the global pressure sensitivity they prefer. The installation of the kit is easy and can be done in an afternoon. This kit will not change the feel of the keys on the Chroma. 
Kit contents:
2 assembled aftertouch PCBs with connector cable
1 bag of foam front rail punchings
1 bag of foam balance rail punchings
1 bag of mounting screws and actuator screws
NOTE:  This kit is available by special order, meaning that due to limited demand, these are being built to order.  Turn-around time on this item is about 3 weeks.