DW-8P controllers will be back in stock in late 2022.



My name is Rob Currier, and I am the founder of Retroaktiv.  I started this company in 2017 when I began designing MIDI controllers for some of the synths in my collection.  This quickly grew into a full time business with an ever-expanding product line.  Retroaktiv is a company of one, which means I design, build, and ship all of these controllers, as well as maintain the webite, handle customer service, and marketing.  

My background is in music and electronics.  I studied at Berklee College of Music, then went on to get an electrical engineering degree at UMass.  I worked in a number of popular Boston bands for years, and I ran a synthesizer repair shop.  Later I worked at Kurzweil as a hardware engineer and a sound developer.  

Retroaktiv is currently located in Yarmouth, Maine, USA.  Thanks for supporting this venture!  It's a dream come true to get to build music gear for a living.